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Strong brand development is as essential to your customer base as it is to the core of your business. While logo design, font choice, and color choice are important, building a successful brand begins with understanding your mission, long term vision, and brand story.

Whether you’re looking to redefine your brand, build your brand from the ground up, or anything in-between, we offer expertise in the following:




- Mission and vision statements
- Font selection
- Color selection
- Logo development
- Brand book development
- Accessibility

- Copywriting


Understanding print and digital design best practices is key in producing content for your business that will engage audiences through strong copy and imagery. At Coleus, we believe that great design coupled with media placement selection is essential in unlocking your brand’s full marketing potential. Whether you’re interested in revamping current design assets, or curious about trying new forms of media, we offer expertise in the following:



- OOH (Out of Home)

- Print and digital media

- Static web designs

- GIFs

- Logo design

- Copywriting

- Brand books

- Swag (Giveaways)

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